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It's Legal To Bet Sports In New Jersey Now, But Thankfully Still Illegal To Bet On Rutgers Football


Today marked the first-day sports betting is legal in the state of New Jersey. The fun kicked off with the governor betting $20 on Germany to win the World Cup. Stu Feiner was there to witness:

The new law going into effect is a win for New Jersey citizens. Finally, sports betting is legal in their state, but that wasn’t the only gift they were given today by lawmakers: the law, you cannot bet on high school sports, on college events taking place in the state, or any event involving a New Jersey college team anywhere.

Translation: you cannot bet on Rutgers football. This is a blessing in disguise by the lawmakers of New Jersey. Finally, a government is standing up for the common man. Since 2013, Rutgers is 29-33 against the spread. If you bet $100 on each game (at an average of -110 odds) you’d be down 7+ units (they were 8-4 ATS in 2017). That’s surprisingly not that bad. If you just bet Rutgers in their Big Ten games, you’d be down 6.9 units (14-19, 44.1%). If you bet them straight up, it would be a MUCH different story of how much money you lost (18-31 since 2014):

Screen_Shot_2016_11_19_at_11.15.01_PM (1)


I tip my gambling cap to the New Jersey lawmakers for saving the Garden State folks some hard earned cash. Take note, other politicians/lawmakers!

P.s. I know this is a law across most states that allow/will allow sports betting. Sometimes it’s nice to forget about other factors to make a joke, especially when it comes to Rutgers.