Lax And Ice Hockey Players Are Winners Of The NCAA Drug Use Report

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Last week, the beloved NCAA released their yearly report on drug use among athletes. To recap the study in a TL;DR format: every stereotype of athletes were confirmed, especially those about lacrosse and ice hockey players.


Pretty surprised by the fact that women’s golf has the lowest percentage of binge drinking. I had the wrong perception of them. Thought they were a group that threw down.


Lacrosse players party and they party hard. Stereotypes often exist for a reason. Cocaine use is up in lax since 2009 over 100%. Lax bros also like the devils lettuce:



I’m going to call bullshit on 20% of baseball players dipping. 75%+ of college baseball players I have met pack absolute hammers. In 2017, that number was at 50%

Another fascinating number: 18% of female gymnasts use narcotic pain medicine. 7% more than football players. What a brutal sport.