Notre Dame Is Allegedly Negatively Recruiting Against Michigan By Citing Detroit Crime Stats, A City 45-Miles Away From Ann Arbor


It’s croooooooooooooooootin time in college football. Well, it’s always crootin time in college football, but with no sanctioned practices allowed (outside of workouts) coaches are out on the recruiting scene. Recruiting is the blueprint for a great college football program.

The funny thing about recruiting a top player that has multiple offers from across the country is you must do more than convince the player he will fit in well at your school. A great recruiter has to be as good at pitching his own school as pitching against other schools. When that happens, things get a bit ugly:

The Spun-Sam Webb runs Michigan’s 247Sports site. He also hosts a local morning sports talk show on WTKA 1050 am.

During this morning’s episode, Webb described a scenario, in which Notre Dame coaches told a prospect from abroad and his parents that they needed to worry about crime in Detroit if he goes to Michigan.

For reference of how far Detroit is from Ann Arbor:

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 11.23.39 AM

No way a school with class and HONOR like Notre Dame would negatively recruit. They are CATHOLICS not CONVICTS. Fake news!!! Fake news!!!!! Also, Notre Dame, a school full of strictly smart people, would not check their facts when it comes to South Bend vs. Ann Arbor:

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What’s crazy about Notre Dame’s negative recruiting pitch is Detroit is much closer in potential crimes to South Bend than it is to Ann Arbor:

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 11.31.28 AM

Nobody tell Brian Kelly!!! Don’t want him to burst a blood vessel:


EDIT (9:45 PM) Headline change. Turns out saying Notre Dame is negatively recruiting against Notre Dame is pretty dumb. Arguably worse for not noticing for 8 hours. Bad job by me!