The Tiers And Rankings Of College Basketball’s Random Teams For The 2018-19 Season

Hi, college basketball fans, nice to meet ya:

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Time to put on my turnover chain and give some red-hot college basketball takes:


It’s somewhat crazy to think, but there will be real college basketball games on our televisions in less than 3 months. Sure the games will be on an aircraft/high school gyms with a total of 107 points scored, but it’s still boring basketball and that’s all that matters. So with that approaching I figure let’s start looking at who are the teams that we can expect to contend.

Obvious Contenders Who Will Fade Out In March: Kentucky, Virginia, Michigan State, Syracuse

Another year, another class of 5 stars that won’t deliver for Kentucky. Overrated Jim Boeheim is on the 8th year of his 10-year retirement tour, so expect him and his oversized sports coat to make a classic March Syracuse run: get hot in February, make a few upsets, and lose in the Elite Eight.

Darkhorse Teams For The Tournament: Kansas State, Nevada, Clemson.

Nevada returns those two twins who were good in the tournament last year. They should be good. At least that’s what the article I found off Google is saying.

Underachieving Teams: Cincinnati, Wichita State, Miami, Texas Tech

Cincinnati with yet another disappointing end to the season. Before I go, because it’s not the one month of the year where America cares about college basketball, I do want to say Mick Cronin is the son of the devil.


I will be back soon with a preview of the Atlantic Sun tournament. Better watch out for those Florida A&M Tech In Mobile Firebirds. Never know what they’ll do.