Warning: Don't Watch This Video If You Already Miss Football Too Much

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(Watch this with sound on)

I am fired up. We are 43 days until college football (more like 48, if you exclude the 4 G5 games on 8/25) and 56 days until the NFL.

The two absolute animals in the video seem are linemen from West Virginia. The guy with a head made out of titanium is offensive guard Chase Berndt:


Imagine that guy pulling off the line and coming for your head as a 190 LB defensive back?!? I just pissed myself thinking about it.

When I first saw this video, I thought I was looking at the reincarnation of Owen Schmitt, one of the last true old-school football players:

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Owen Schmitt was a mid-2000’s West Virginia fullback in the body of a man that was meant to play football in the 1970’s:

You can’t explain Owen Schmitt to a non-college football fan. He is the epitome of an “if you know, you know” player.

I think this is the only time he cried, ever. Sometimes when I’m asked why I love college football so much, I reference this video:

Owen Schmitt, Steve Slaton, and Pat White. Never forget the greatest NCAAF video game team of all time: