Jimbo Fi$her Claims He "Had No Intent Of Leaving FSU." I Wonder What Changed?

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This week starts the most overhyped time of the college football calendar: media days. Kayce wrote about her experience at past SEC Media Days yesterday and confirmed they are truly hell on earth.

Conference media days are a mess, but they do give a few good soundbites here and there. Yesterday was the first day for the SEC and we were introduced to Texas A&M Jimbo Fi$her, who is fitting in just fine to the SEC life:

It always has and will continue to mean more in the SEC. I’m glad Jimbo knows that, even considering what he said last year:

The most interesting tidbit from Jimbo, who apparently talks very fast on the mic which challenges journalists to get correct quotes (pray for them!!!), was his remarks on leaving FSU:

Tallahassee Democrat-“I had no intentions leaving Florida State. I was very happy and very content there. As you know, life takes changes and decisions are made,” Fisher said.

I wonder what changed? Oh, yeah, that’s right, Texas A&M literally brought out the brinks trucks thanks to boosters like this one:

How much was in those Brinks truck to be exact? To put it lightly, there was A LOT more than what Isaiah Thomas received. $75,000,000 in guaranteed money to be exact.

I don’t know why the story of “how Texas A&M got Jimbo Fisher” is that hard to understand. There have been articles about it:

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Sure, A&M’s pedigree and commitment to football helped, but let’s all put aside the bullshit for a second and call a spade a spade: it was the money. Period. End of story.

P.s. Shout out to the restoration of Jimbo’s hair:


It looked decent yesterday. May be time to water the seeds a bit more:

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