Vandy's Derek Mason Could Not Be Worried Less About Going To South Bend Because "We Play In The SEC"

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On September 15th, Vanderbilt will take their talents to South Bend, Indiana to take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Most All would say that Vanderbilt, fresh off of a 5-7 season, is going to have a quite the test on their hand taking on a top-15 team at their home stadium. Apparently, Derek Mason isn’t a part of that “all:”

Derek goddamn Mason. What a quote. Unfortunately, most Notre Dame fans don’t know how to create an account on Twitter, let alone use it, but I’m sure all Notre Dame fans will be PISSED when they read this headline in the paper tomorrow morning.

From Alabama wiping the floor with them in 2012 to Georgia completely taking over South Bend last year, making fun of Notre Dame has long been a tradition unlike any other in the SEC:

My favorite dig at Notre Dame ever came from Kirby Smart after last years game:

I chuckle to myself thinking about that quote once in a while. One of the best digs from the past few years.

Vanderbilt has been the talk of SEC media days more than ever before thanks to Dan Mullen disrespecting their only claim to fame in the SEC:


P.s. Remember when Alabama was next? 

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