Little j journalist At Men's Health Reports Britney Spears Boyfriend Played Football At Nebraska, Turns Out That's FAKE NEWS!


Last week, Men’s Health ran the story we were all waiting for: a profile on Britney Spears boyfriend, fitness model Sam Asghari.

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Imagine life looking like that…marhonne!

Within the piece, the story of Asghari’s football career at Nebraska was discussed:

Mens Health-Asghari says he was cut from University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s summer football program before his freshman year.


It led to him participating in a football program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. But, after getting cut before his freshman year, he went back to LA to play for Moorpark College.

Pretty wild to think that Britney Spears is now dating a guy that Bo Pelini cut from Nebraska, huh?!? Well, turns out that part of Asghari’s journey to the top of the fitness modeling world was a bunch of FAKE NEWS!

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Thank god for brave journalist publications like this one that is double-checking their sources and protecting the integrity of journalism:

Omaha-The University of Nebraska-Lincoln registrar’s office on Wednesday said there was no record of “Sam Asghari” ever enrolling in university classes. There was an Asghari who went through the admissions process, but, according to UNL, it was a woman.

Jeff Jamrog, Nebraska’s director of football operations in 2012 and current Midland University head coach, said he didn’t recall Asghari, whose senior recruiting profile lists him at 6-foot-2, 215 pounds. Jamrog ran the Huskers’ walk-on program. He said no player could have tried out for the team – and thus have been cut from it — without being enrolled. Asghari does not appear on Nebraska football rosters, according to a spokesman for the Huskers.
After being exposed, Men’s Health did the old “edit the piece and nobody will notice” move:

“Asghari was cut from University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Division I football team his freshman year. After losing his scholarship, he was forced to move back to Los Angeles. Working out was no longer a priority — but he continued to eat like he did when he played football.”

And again later in the story, it seems Asghari — born in Tehran, Iran, before coming to the U.S. — claimed he was at Nebraska.

“After getting to LA, the teenager threw himself into sports. His freshman year of high school, Asghari joined his first U.S. football team, and he found community on the team, the same way he did back in Iran. It led to getting recruited by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. But, after getting cut his freshman year, he went back to LA to play for Moorpark College.”

Since The World-Herald contacted the reporter of the Men’s Health story, the language has been changed.

Thank god for people like The World-Herald for protecting the shield of Journalism. They are doing God’s work.

At the end of the day, Asghari must have lied, but who cares? He’s doing better than all of us:


Britney’s comeback from her public meltdown has been nothing short of phenomenal. Very high on my celebrity crush list to this day:

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