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Even Florida Players Aunt's Knew What Play Jim McElwain Was Going To Call Before He Called It In 2017

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To call the Jim McElwain era a complete failure would be wrong. He won the SEC East twice and the 2015 SEC coach of the year. However, saying the Jim McElwain era did not go as planned is an understatement, especially on the offensive side of the ball:

Gator Country-David Reese’s phone lit up and he saw his Aunt’s name come across the screen. The then sophomore linebacker already knew what she was going to say.

“It made me mad when I was watching,” Reese recalled the postgame conversations with her. “I just knew it was gonna be a power.”

For a guy that was once heralded as an offensive guru at Colorado State, that is a damning quote. We all know that life comes at you fast, but an aunt of a player on the defensive side of the ball knowing what you’re going to call before you call it is an impressive fall.

Reese wasn’t the only player that fielded calls or text messages like that.

“Even my friends who don’t know nothing about football knew what we were running and 90% of the time they were right,” senior offensive tackle Martez Ivey said at Media Days.

According to S&P+, the Jim McElwain era at Florida the offense got substantially worse every single year. From 57th in 2015 to 88th in 2016 to 108th (!!!!) in 2017. Not great!!!


Florida had one of my favorite hires this offseason with Dan Mullen. Hopefully, he’ll fill the swamp back up: