Michigan Football's Technique For Before And After Offseason Workouts Photos Will Make You Laugh

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One of my favorite niche things about college football is when programs bring in a new strength coach and show off their player’s 6-month results on social media. They claim outrageous results such as “these 23 players all gained 15 pounds of muscle while losing 4% body fat, all in just 5-months!” The claims are so absurd that they make the supposed results from the supplement that pops up on your Instagram timeline look believable.

Hearing about the results does it for me, but when photos are included, it only adds to the comedy. Michigan is the latest program to take part in this trend and, boy, did they not disappoint:

Take a look at those before and after photos. The lighting? Always better in the after photo?. Flexing? Strictly happening in the after photo.

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Take a breath for me, one time, Khaleke!!!!!

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Hahahahahahahahahahaha, amazing. Tell me Cesar Ruiz isn’t oiled up in that after photo. Please, tell me!!! Cesar looks like he is advertising for an InfoWars supplement:


They even got the kicker involved!

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Tan? Check. Phenomenal lighting? Check. Post workout? Check. Flexing like your life depends on it? CHECK.

I’m sure the players are seeing great results under Ben Herbert. Claiming to gain 15+ pounds of muscle in just 7 months? Unless Jim Harbaugh is injecting TRT into these players while they sleep, that is not possible.

If you’re wondering what Jim Harbaugh’s new strength coach looks like, he looks exactly how you thought he would:


He used to be at Arkansas & Wisconsin with Bert:


Ben Herbert