Do I want to be the reason for the Downfall of the Red Sox?


There is no doubt the Red Sox are the best team in the league. It’s not a coincidence that the last three times in the past week that when I’ve bet the Red Sox, they’ve lost. I’ve always looked at the mush as a curse, but honestly guys, I might have found my calling in life. I might have a superpower or maybe God brought me on this earth solely to bring them down. I hate losing money as much as the next guy, but if it’s worth bringing down the so called “powerhouse” of the MLB, I’m in.

Everyone thinks this is just a character I am playing up but I even ruined a coin toss I bet on last year. This old bag didn’t flip the coin one bit and had no regard for anyones money. This video shows it all.

We have a National Baseball Writer here that goes by the nickname Rocket, which in all honestly is pretty electric. His biggest nightmare is having his beloved Red Sox plummet on the count of a person who can barely form a sentence. (It takes me 6 hours to write one blog) They have the best record in baseball but that means nothing my after my hands get on it. Jared started getting weak in the knees this weekend as the Rays swept the Sox and now the mush owns a piece of real estate in his head. He’s gonna have to find a way to slow the Mushness down and trust me, there’s no stopping it.

With that being said I am a gambling man and can definitely be bought (currently have $3 in my wallet so Rocket if you’re reading this take notes). I used to sell my lunch in high school just so I could play some c-lo while running in between classes. I advised everyone to try and be on the right side of mush, but if the Rocket want dance in the mud, so be it.

Red Sox -1.5
Mariners -130