Kansas Law Professor Suggests Getting Rid Of Jayhawk Football Program

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After Kansas’ loss to FCS Nicholls on Saturday night, a Kansas law professor/member of the WPD (Woke Police Department) took to Twitter to suggest getting rid of the Kansas football program:

It’s a good thing that “Law Boy” teaches law and not economics because getting rid of the Kansas football program would be a losing situation for the university. In a perfect world, would it makes sense to get rid of the program that has gone 12-73 over their last 85 games, but as you know, this isn’t a perfect world.

Let’s start with the problem that this would cause for Kansas being in the Big 12. Yes, they are the best basketball program in the conference, but if you get rid of the football team, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Big 12 kicked Kansas out. There are no “basketball only members” in any of the P5. Losing the football program would hurt the basketball program, which would hurt the school.

Here’s a secret that a lot of people fail to understand for some reason: in most cases, your football program makes more money than your basketball program. Football is the cash cow for universities everywhere, even if your team sucks. Look at the numbers from 2017 for Kansas:

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Yes, there are other factors to consider: what attracts more students to your school, in turn increasing your school’s brand (the basketball program), who delivers more on their coaching contracts (basketball) and facilities (basketball), but you could argue these numbers are already factored into the revenue/expense numbers.

This was pointed out to “Law Boy,” who turned quite emotional and must have typed “Kansas Football loses money” into google and came up with this Vice article:

The article attached was like most Vice articles: long, big words were used, but nothing was really said outside of “Kansas is a bad football program.” There was also a point in the article where the author points out that Kansas is doing just fine financially and is making more money with the football program than the basketball program:

SOURCE-Last year, Kansas’s total reported athletic revenue was $97 million, fifth in the Big 12; a little over $23 million of that came from football (basketball brought in $18 million). By contrast, the University of Texas led the conference with $161 million in revenue, with over $112.5 million of that coming from football.

Kansas is in a bad, bad place with their football program, but getting rid of it would only make problems worse for the university. Football owns two days of the week for almost half of the year in America. That’s even true for programs who are 12-73 over their last 85 games.