Juul's Are Now Banned At Ole Miss

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Hey Ole Miss students,,,,,,,welcome to #TheResistance.

“Put down the Juul and place your hands where I can see em!”

SOURCE-Despite a smoke-free policy on campus, some students have noticed an uptick in the use of electronic cigarettes such as Juuls on university property over the past few months.

The 2013 policy prevents the use of cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco and any electronic cigarette that emits smoke on university-owned facility or property.

“The policy banned e-cigarettes, including Juuls,” said Sandra Bentley, the director of the Student Pharmacy. “They’re not supposed to be anywhere on campus.”

I thought this was AMERICA!

Time to update the list, folks: Stalin, Mao Zedong, Ole Miss director of Student Pharmacy Sandra Bentley. That’s the worst communists in the history of the world.

First, they come for Colonel Reb & Dixie! Then they come for Hugh Freeze! Now they are coming for your Juul! What’s next?!? Are they going to take away the NWO belt because it normalizes violence?!?!

The Juul ban is good news for Copenhagen, Skoal, & Grizzly. Dip sales are about to go through the roof. Ole Miss students, you better get used to old school tobacco tricks, your days doing sick Juul tricks are gone: