Missouri State Is Playing Their Home Opener In The Middle Of The School Day

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Non-big time college football is a special, special place. Today, Missouri State showed us why.

Due to the impending Tropical Storm Gordon, Missouri State had to move up their home opener to today at 11 AM.

Here we have a video of students walking to class, while the football team walks to their game:

Imagine the nervous Freshman rushing to get to class on time and bumping into the Missouri State OL? Would’ve been glorious.

SOURCE-Due to classes still being held, the Bears’ band isn’t even at the game

Talk about a bunch of NERDS. Missouri State’s opponent, Lincoln University Of Missouri, showed up with their band:

Meanwhile, Missouri State is pumping in fake band noise like the Atlanta Falcons:

Missouri State is currently up 52-17 Missouri State won 52-24:

I don’t know if there was a line out there for this game, but taking Missouri State would’ve been the lock of locks.