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Mushed From Going Viral

I was mushed by some shlep on twitter and ruined my chances of going viral. I was sitting on the couch sweating out the Giants to cover (They did not), and there was fairy gliding through air to make an amazing catch.

First off, this catch is outrageous. This man coming out of no where and outshining Odell was unbelievable. Once in awhile some great ideas come from this brain and everyone needed to see this. Had a fantastic response and felt real proud of myself for catching this gift of a video. I was scrolling through twitter to find this…

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 2.38.01 PM

This was tweeted after mine and has 1.3 MILLION views, 17k retweets. His @ on twitter was Romneys Dad Jeans which hurt even more to lose to. Might be a little biased but he had a very generic caption and mine was I guess not good enough. You hate to see it but Losing a bet and losing out on going viral in the same day, only a mush can pull that off.