Danny Kannell Is Not A Fan Of Games Being Cancelled Because Of Hurricane Florence


In a world full of hot takes, Hurricane hot takes may be my favorite.

As I’m sure you have heard, Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall sometime on Friday. Multiple college football games have been affected by the incoming storm:

Danny Kannell is not happy with these cancellations because of the category 4 hurricane:

That’s right DK, back in your day you would’ve played these games. What is a lil cat 4 hurricane gonna do to you? Soft ass millennials ruining the sport we love so much. Put on a turtleneck and go play some football. Preach, DK. Preach.

Some blowback came and Danny pulled the “oh, since when are you an expert?” card:

Obviously, Danny didn’t listen to DJT yesterday, who made it very clear that this Hurricane is going to be tremendous:

I didn’t really know people thought that canceling college football games because of a hurricane was controversial. Probably better to use first responders for rescuing people not at a meaningless college football game, right?

It was fun to watch Notre Dame and NC State play in a hurricane in 2015, though:

The best part about this game was Brian Kelly deciding it was a good idea to throw the ball 26 TIMES in a literal hurricane.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 12.29.51 PM

Notre Dame lost 10-3 and went on to go 4-8 that year. Lol.