Georgia State HC Shawn Elliot Tore Bicep After An "Aggressive Fist Bump" Following TD On Saturday

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 1.11.38 PM

Shawn Elliot has taken the lead for #FootballGuy of the week:

“Been there” -Jersey Shore cast & Rico Bosco.

Here is the clip of the moment where Shawn Elliot supposedly tore his bicep fist bumping:

I’d assume the tear happens around the 29-32 second mark.

Coach Elliot was obviously excited to go up 7-0 on North Carolina State. The torn bicep was sort of a bad omen for Georgia State.

Pre-fist bump:

Georgia State: 7 points, 75 yards, 0 torn biceps

NC State: 0 points, 0 yards.

Post-fist bump:

Georgia State: 0 points, 274 yards, 1 torn bicep

NC State: 45 points, 541 yards

Week 3 of #FootballGuy of the week is going to be a hell of a competition. Pat Fitzgerald says the RPO is the “purest form of communism,” Pittsburgh coach won’t go home to his wife after 51-6 loss to Penn State, and now Shawn Elliot tearing his bicep celebrating a TD.

I aspire to be as cool as Steve Spurrier.