Of Course It's Notre Dame That Has 6 Badge Carrying Student Cops Executing Search Warrants #Snitches



I couldn’t think of a more fitting school to have badge-carrying cops on campus snitching on their own students. Notre Dame students are the kids that reminded teachers in high school that the class was supposed to hand in their homework when the teacher forgot.

Cotter said: “The student interns are a great asset to the Cyber Crimes Unit and to our community. The expansion of the internship program allows us to keep building on the great forensic work being done by the students in our criminal investigations.”

This is the third year that Notre Dame students have worked as interns in the county’s Cyber Crimes Unit. While a handful of other universities around the country, such as the University of Alabama and the University of Rhode Island, are involved in similar hybrid digital forensic investigative unit models, Notre Dame’s is the only program in which the students are sworn officers.

Snitches are among us!!!!! Badge carrying snitches!!!

Mitch Kajzer, St. Joseph County cyber crimes director, said the unit values the insight and knowledge that the Notre Dame students bring to investigations. By swearing them in as officers, the students are able to assist in writing and executing search warrants, analyze evidence and testify in cases in which they have been involved.

Don’t get me wrong, increasing police force is often a good idea, but with students? Who can execute search warrants? Be careful, Notre Dame stoolies. They are among you!!!!!

As sworn-in officers, they will carry a badge (but no weapons) when working in the field and have full police authority.

Maybe their first order of business can be arresting Brian Kelly for involuntary manslaughter?

You may think I’m kidding, but I’m not. Let’s not forget how Brian Kelly pretty much killed a kid:

Source-A strong gust of wind swept across Notre Dame’s practice football field before a tower toppled, killing a student who had been videotaping the team from the tower, the university’s athletic director said Thursday.

Declan Sullivan, a 20-year-old junior from Long Grove, Ill., died Wednesday at a South Bend hospital after the hydraulic scissor lift he was on fell over at the LaBar practice complex. Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick promised there would be a full investigation, but did not say who was responsible for allowing the student to use the lift.

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