Pour One Out For Everyone Who Had Ohio State -12.5

Gambling is a brutal, brutal hobby to take a part of. Tonight’s game between Ohio State & TCU is yet another example.

Situation: Ohio State -12.5

0:07 2nd Quarter: Ohio State drives down the field at the end of the 1st half. Sean Nuernberger sets up for a 30-yard field goal…..

7:05 3rd Quarter: Paris Campbell 63 yard TD pass from Dwayne Haskins.

Ohio State goes for two, does not convert. Score: 21-19 TCU.

2:46 4th Quarter: Shawn Robinson intercepted

Ohio State -12.5 is alive!

2:00 4th Quarter: JK Dobbins up the middle!

Down to the 9-yard line….and what happens next?!?

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 12.20.10 AM

What hurts the most? Getting trolled at the end? The missed 30-yard field goal?! Or knowing you could have had that extra point early in the 3rd?! Some MOOSES were out to play tonight: