Barstool Gambling

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As everyone knows yesterday was a wild day at Barstool HQ.

This had me thinking about how great it would be to gamble on other things besides actual games.

For example the Super Bowl is Christmas for every gambler. Taking lines on the coin toss, what color gatorade they will dump on the coach and everyones favorite Over/Under on the national anthem. Since there are no sports on during the day since baseball will be dying down, we need something else to occupy time at work.

If we incorporated betting lines on things going on around the office, this place would be buzzing. People at work would be glued to their computers. Especially after the fiasco at HQ yesterday, the lines would be electric.

-150 will KFC write a disstrack about Nate

-1000 Stu Feiner will have the worst picks on Barstool Sports Advisors

-250 Smitty comes out of retirement

You get the point. Betting on obscure things gets everybody jacked up. When I’m bored I bet on what the last two numbers will be on Dow Jones. Instead of betting on things I have no idea about, it would be nice to incorporate Barstool.