Happy National Pepperoni Pizza Day From Teflon Urban


Today is national pepperoni pizza day:

It seems like everything that is anything has a day these days, but this national “holiday” hits close to home for me. As a college football fan, all I can think about is one photo:

ba8novvccaaoov0 (2)urban-meyer-pizza

This iconic #pizza moment happened after the 2013 Big Ten Championship game. Ohio State came into the game 12-0, essentially a win away from the final BCS Championship game. After being outscored 14-0 in the fourth, OSU fell to Michigan State. Urban, the quintessential family man, turned to the only thing he could after the game: Papa John’s and his family.

Everything came full circle this summer during the Urban Meyer protest when a Papa John’s pizza was delivered:


And then again, while we waited for the Urban Meyer decision:

sadpizza_mediumI hope everybody enjoys their national pepperoni pizza day. You deserve it.