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Tennessee Students Are Bringing The HOT Fire With Anti-Florida Signs Leading Up To Saturday's Rivalry Game

Last week, a pair of Kentucky frat bros took the cake for the most controversial sign:

I’m always in for a good Aaron Hernandez joke. I could do without the wife jokes, but taking some moral high ground when it comes to college signs is very dumb, so you do you, Tennessee fans. I’m not the GameDay sign police.

Also, before we continue, how much longer does that house have left? When I think of a college house in Knoxville, I think of a house just like that. On it’s last days.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 1.54.05 PM

“More US Citizens have been killed by UF’s ’08 football team than Ebola” is one of the greatest advanced stats my eyes have ever seen. After double checking, the stat does check out. Impressive.


The SEC is a special place that needs to be protected at all costs.