Scientist Conducts A Study On Gamblers Brains

Source – During the split second between betting and finding out the outcome, neural signals in the gamblers’ orbitofrontal cortex reviewed their most recent decision-making process. But much more brain power went into replaying aspects of the previous bet, including the regret they felt from losing or the regret, after winning, of not having bet more, according to the researchers. 

Well this article has a lot of big words that I mumbled in my head and moved past it. I do know that we don’t need doctors telling us degenerates how our brains work. Of course when you win, you get pissed at yourself for not hammering that game. Also yes, once I bet a game and it starts you always think you are fucked. Small brained people like myself don’t need the big brains giving us more to think about.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 3.53.47 PM

A study we need is how our brain looks after a week in the hole and having to pay the bookie. A Sunday night being wide awake after the SNF game just telling yourself how dumb you really are. “Why would you take this game, you could have went on vacation with this money you just lost.”

Thennnnn Monday night football comes around and that thought process is out the window. It’s a new week, new me. Only thing your thinking is how you’re going to win this money back. I need a study on how fast your brain goes from, you are a piece of shit to…blocking out the week before where you lost the mortgage.