Barstool College Football Round Up - Week 4

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Ain’t Come To Play School Games:

Alabama 45 – Texas A&M 23:

Look at this throw……Tua is some form of God….

Look at this coaching staff from LSU in 2004…CRAZY


Even the Alabama fans are cursed kicking the ball:

Texas 31 – TCU 16:

Yo, Shawn Robinson….what team are you playing for?!?

Stanford 38 – Oregon 31:

If you had Oregon +2…..I’m sorry:


At least there is this guy to cheer you up:



Wisconsin 28 – Iowa 17:

If you had under 42.5…..I’m sorry:

At least this is still awesome:


Mascot Of The Week:

Shout out to the BYU Cougar keeping Kayfabe:

Play Of The Week: Dual-threat kickers are SO hot in the streets

#FootballGuy Of The Week:

Stat Of The Week:

Referee Of The Week:

Quote Of The Week:

Petty Move Of The Week:

Formation Of The Week:

I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying Of The Week:

Freezing Cold Take Of The Week: From 2016

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Charman Soft Move Of The Week: 

Fan Of The Week:

#GirlsOnGameDay Of The Week:

P5 vs. P5: 

Georgia 43 – Missouri 29:



You probably have heard, but Evander Holyfield’s son plays for Georgia:


Don’t show this video to Brian Kelly….it may give him some ideas:

Clemson 49 – Georgia Tech 21:

Florida 47 – Tennessee 21:

God hates, Tennessee:

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Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 11.13.06 PM


Notre Dame 56 – Wake Forest 27:

Can’t miss the kick if you don’t show up:

Texas Tech 41 – Oklahoma State 17:


Washington 27 – Arizona State 20:


Look at the moves from the Big Fella!!!!

Kentucky 28 – Mississippi State 7:

When you put Benny Snell in, some defenses can’t handle it:


Kentucky with their biggest win in years, and who are their fans thinking about? Louisville.


Purdue 30 – Boston College 13:

Michigan 52 – Nebraska 10:

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 10.35.00 PM

Weirdest safety you’ll ever see in your life:

Michigan State 35 – Indiana 21: 

Teamwork, makes the dream work!

Virginia 27 – Louisville 3:

Papa John has put a curse on Louisville football for taking his name off their stadium:

West Virginia 35 – Kansas State 6:

Take me home! Country roads!


Baylor 26 – Kansas 7:

P5 vs. G5:

Oklahoma 28 – Army 21:

America is awesome:

Except when you have to watch the game on a Twitch channel because it’s on PPV:

Buffalo 42 – Rutgers 13:

Tyree Jackson, 2018’s Josh Allen:

Ohio State 49 – Tulane 6:

Ohio State fans, we need to talk:

Old Dominion 49 – Virginia Tech 35:


Ole Miss 38 – Kent State 17:

Wooooooof, Ole Miss. WOOOF!