Kentucky LB Kash Daniel (Tim Riggins 2.0) Hopes He Made All Of Mississippi State Players Girlfriends "Break Up With Them"

Kash Daniel (10/10 name) may be the best personality in college football you don’t know about. The guy is Tim Riggins come to life:

Look at him just destroying a Chick-fil-A sandwich as he puts Kylin Hill 6-feet under:

“Lee Corso may want to find a new job:”

Kash has no regard for who he’s taking shots at. He’s even called out Big Cat & PFT:

Kash Daniel isn’t the only one taking shots at Mississippi State, here is Benny Snell’s tweet from Sunday:

Benny completely deserves to tweet that bad boy out. Look at what happened when he came in the game on Saturday:

Kentucky & Duke are both 4-0 heading into Week 5…… schools?!?