Southeast Missouri State President Drinks From Beer Bong At Tailgate, Issues Apology To Entire School & Alumni For "Poor Decision"

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Prior to Southeast Missouri State’s football game on September 15th, SeMo president Carlos Vargas-Aburto decided to frequent the parking lot where his students and alumni were tailgating. While there, Vargas decided to relive his glory days, got down on one knee and hit the beer bong:

That’s what it’s all about. Establishment and students coming together. A truly great moment, right? Turns out that Vargas regretted this act of solidarity with his students:

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Laugh out loud funny email. “I was observed being offered and accepting to drink beer from a beer bong, a device normally associated with excessive of binge drinking, which is conduct I do not condone.” Thanks for the definition, Mr. President.

“The above action projects an image that I am not proud of, is not flattering, and certainly not expected from the president of Southeast Missouri State University.” Talk about patting yourself on the back. You drank beer out of a beer bong/funnel. Relax. It’s okay. People do it all the time. You aren’t the president of the free world. You are the president of a directional Missouri state school. Have some fun. It’s going to be okay.

“Last, but not least, I apologize to the Board of Regents,” annnnddddd there it is. Gotta keep the board happy!!!!! You’ve got to!!!!

2018….the year fun died!