Golf Is Back And Some Of The Stars Are Degenerates

Actionnetwork: Kisner – “Charley and I have a bunch of good stories from playing together in last place in Tour events. We’ve had some Mongolian reversals down the last hole. Birdies or bogeys on the last hole. 

“Last year, we were playing for a lot of money, because one of us owed the other a lot.

“We always keep a tally going, because we play together all the time. He was like, ‘We’re going double-or-nothing today.’

This is what it’s all about, Kevin Kisner and Charlie Hoffman are just like people like me who golf with friends. (Besides the aspect of being good) Everyone that plays golf has “friendly” wagers with whoever they are playing with. In this situation Kisner is a genius because when he goes “one of us owed the other a lot” it is obvious he’s the one down money.

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This is a move I pull all the time when you owe a friend money. You just have to keep saying double or nothing until you win because any real gambler loves a nice double down. Now that gambling is legal it would be electric to know what they are betting each other before tee off.

Also in this article, Michael Jordan is involved with a lot of these players and gambling. People forget Michael Jordan played minor league baseball because of an alleged gambling problem. Well, now that Jordan is helping pro golfers to get the juices flowing, we need him on tour.

Rickie Fowler explained how playing with Jordan has made him ready to play tournament golf. His  competitiveness and his trash talking is like no other. I don’t know what would be more terrifying, him talking shit in my backswing or the fact that he only will gamble whatever makes you scared.

Golf is back, Tiger is making news, the only thing missing is seeing all this side action. The Ryder Cup is the best thing golf has to offer. AMERICA.