Georgia Southern HC Chad Lunsford Keeps Showing Up To Frats And Turning Them Into WWE Events

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Chad Lunsford has submitted his resume for the most fun college football coach in America. Here he is at Sigma Chi, just hyping up the frat bros:

At another frat:

Why is Chad (very fitting that a college football coach named Chad is visiting Frats) Lunsford visiting all these frats? The thought is to hype up the students for their big #FunBelt tilt against Arkansas State this weekend. Other G5 coaches should take note. Want to hype up the student body? Go visit the frats. Visit the sororities. Be relatable. Be a man of the people. Often, G5 coaches like to act like they are Nick Saban 2.0. You aren’t. Be creative with how you handle your team and your fanbase. Have some fun. Be different. That’s what Lunsford did here.

What about the WWE aspect? Well, Lunsford has a history with chairs. After each win, he crowd surfs in the locker room:

Then drops the people elbow:

Hey, Arkansas State……