A Duffel Bag Gambler Is Aways The One To Follow

Being the “Duffel Bag Bettor” is a sharp nickname. I you know if I hear that name is coming into the sports book, Im taking whatever team he bets on. Also every real gambler where this is there lively hood has something they always bring with them when gambling on the road. Just like Daves friend Elio.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 3.58.44 PM

I think the briefcase is more of a power move but either one can intimidate me. Now this Duffel bag bettor has been running around like a wild man getting a ton of coverage by putting six figures on the line. This week he did a weird move but Im in.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 4.09.05 PM

So it seems like the duffel bastard likes Indiana early and wants to get on the game before the spread goes up even more. It’s a crazy move to take the two different spreads but it only means he really loves this pick. I think I have to ride with this mysterious rat because betting this early in the week is concerning.

Before writing this blog I saw this bet and I put it in immediately. I wish I wrote this first because I ran into this tweet.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 2.57.22 PM

Now I am very scared of what I just put in. This guy had 3 parlays last week and it all came down to the Vikings winning and we all know how that worked out. This threw me for a total loop but after this weekend I will know if I want to be part of the Duffel Bag Bettors pick. Also the reporter saying “TheDuffel Bag Bettor is on the Loose again” like he is some criminal doing bad shit again is laugh out loud funny.