Mississippi State Custard Shop Renames Dan Mullen's Favorite Drink "The Lateral Move"

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Today, in the petty world of college football:

Dan Mullen returns to Starkville this weekend for the first time since he left the Bulldogs for Gainesville. The custard shop, Bops, renamed Mullen’s favorite dessert after he bounced to Florida in November:

Why rename it to “lateral move?” Well, it could be a jab at Mullen leaving for Florida, a “lateral” move (not true, UF is a better job). It’s more of a callback to when MSU DC Geoff Collins (now coach of Temple) left for Florida in 2014:

This is college football in a nutshell. Rivalries because of coaches and crazy fans. It stems from boosters all the way down to custard shops. You have to love it.

Mississippi State is ready for Mullen’s return to Starkvegas:

P.s. The “lateral move” frozen cutsard looks so damn good.