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TBT To My appearance On The History Channel

A couple of years ago I had my mind set like the rest of America that I wanted to be an actor. In my audition of Barstool idol I mentioned that after college creating fake resumes was my go to thing. Somehow I was getting real savy on this shit and got onto a couple of shows. This particular one was the weirdest at first but ended up being very interesting.

Make sure you watch this video fast to see a mush on the big screen.

When first getting this gig I was a little hesitant but money was money and I just had to do it. Walking in they had me come to a hotel room, door was cracked and no one was answering my knock. Entering this room my heart was pounding, take a look see some guy getting makeup on with no shirt on.

For some reason I said this out loud “Fuck, did I sign up for a porno?” They were very upset with me, looked like an asshole and found out this is a legit shoot for the History Channel. It was the real story behind the show Stranger things and If you watch the show I was pretty much eleven.

I was pretty happy it wasn’t a porno but a porn night have been better. I had to have cold mud on me shirtless and freezing cold weather for 4 hours.

All in all this was a weird as shit shoot and only I can find myself in these situations. Tune in next week for another t.v. moment.