Pros Vs. Joes Week 4 NFL Report: Who Are The Wise Guys Betting Today?

Top 3 Public Sides:

Last Week: 0-3

1. Eagles -3 @ Titans

% of bets: 72%

The public is expecting a healthy Carson Wentz to go into Tennessee today with newly activated Alshon Jeffery and put a beating on the Tennessee Titans. The sharps feel the opposite way. Despite receiving all this money, the line hasn’t moved at all.

2. 49ers @ Chargers -10.5

% of bets: 70%

The reason for this? Simple, Jimmy G’s season-ending injury. A great time to buy low on the 49ers if you have some balls.

3. Seahawks -4 @ Cardinals:

% of bets: 65%

After seeing Josh Rosen for just a few drives last Sunday, most NFL fans are not believing in the Cardinals against the Seahawks. The public has a short-term memory problem that won’t forget the past. The thought is that the Seahawks still have their defense from 2012. That’s not the case, which is why sharp money is coming in on the Cardinals as 4-point home underdogs.

Top 3 Sharp Sides:

Last Week: 1-2

1. Texans +1 @ Colts

Despite ann 0-3 start and a bad loss to the Giants last week, sharp money has moved the Texans from 1-point underdogs in Indy to 1-point favorites. The indication of sharp money strengthens considering 60% of the tickets have been on the Colts.

2. Eagles @ Titans +3

As we talked about above, despite getting a high percentage of the public money, the Eagles have remained 3-point favorites with no line movement. Respected money is coming in on the Titans.

3. Browns @ Raiders -2.5

Is this a perfect time to sell high on the Browns? Sharp money certainly thinks so. The Raiders have moved from 1 to 2.5 point favorites throughout the week after receiving 75%+ of the money wagered. Sharp money isn’t buying Baker Mayfield just yet…..