It Was A Weekend For The Birds

Birds everywhere were put on the map this weekend. Seahawks vs Cardinals was okay but Rudy here was electric.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 10.03.59 AM

Yes, that is my bird and I am holding him on a mop. Reason being is because I am absolutely terrified of him and I am not putting my hand anywhere near him. I got this bird way back when I looked like a young Chinese man.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 10.35.55 AM

At the time I thought this would be an awesome pet, I mean how could it not the thing talks. Well it kinda stinks, the bird has my voice and I have ran into some problems along the way. One example is sometimes I am in the shower and the bird starts yelling “Mom” she thinks its me and continues to yell back. Another problem as of late the bastard keeps whistling every time a girl walks by. Its a horny bird because its humps the cage a little to often. Also if any lights are near it, it will scream until you turn them off. Ive thought about letting it fly away almost everyday. Let me remind you my Dad bought this bird when I was a kid and now my parents moved to Florida and left me with this damn thing.

I moved it into the garage but ill let it flap around from time to time. Imagine every time you have a girl over and they ask do you have a dog or any pets? Oh yeah wanna come pet my Bird!? It’s a tough look but hey I am a bird guy. Big Cat brought up a great point, dogs should be the ones living until 80 not a double yellow amazon.

Yesterday was a legendary day with the birds, and now I will always be knows as the Bird Guy…Yikes.