Top 5 Bad Beats From Week 4 Of NFL & Week 5 Of CFB

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 6.03.40 PM

1. Arizona +3.5:

In all honesty, Arizona backers shouldn’t have been this close to a cover. After being down 24-0 in the third, them covering looked like a shot in the dark, but all of a sudden it was 24-14 with 9:00 left in the fourth. After a score with under 2 minutes to go, it was 24-20, USC. All that was needed was an extra point!

Nothing like a missed extra point in the fourth to blow a miracle cover. The mooses were out to play in Tuscon.

2. Jaguars/Jets Under 40.5

Heading into the fourth, the Jags were up 25-3 on the Jets. With 12:56 left in the fourth, the Jets made it 25-6 with a field goal. Blake Bortles then threw an interception and the Jets scored a TD to make it 25-12. No big deal, with some quick math you will see that the under is still in play. Next four drives: punt, punt, fumble, punt. It was 4th-and-goal with 30 seconds left for the Jaguars. Just take a knee right?!

3. Texas/Kansas State 1H Over 24:


4. WVU/Texas Tech Under 75.5:

This was a wild ride. After a 35 point first quarter, there were just 17 points scored in the next two. After a field goal with 12:35 left, the score was 35-20. 20 points could still be scored!!! Texas Tech had their backup QB in, no way they this game was going over! About that TTU QB…..he was FAST:

Then you had a pick-6:

On the ensuing kickoff, TTU returned it to WVU’s 47. After 2 3rd down conversions, TTU ran it in for a TD with 40-seconds left.

I forgot to include the catch that allowed the score to get to 35-27. BRUTAL:

5. FSU/Louisville Under 49, Louisville +200:

Has Papa John’s ghost cursed Louisville and Bobby Petrino?!?

1st-and-10 from FSU’s 21. 2:00 left. Run the ball and force FSU to use their 3 timeou….OH NO!




Honorable mentions: Falcons -4, Colts +1, Saints/Giants Under 50.5