This Horse Just Wanted Some Action On The Gambling

He has been training day in and day out just for degenerates to be yelling for him to win. All he wants is to get in on the action as well.

Imagine this, you are at work everyday grinding out whatever your boss needs to you do and you see an opening to join the action. You run like a wild man and see what it feels like to be on the other side of things.

The best part of this video is the 1st guy who sees the horse and he just freezes. This would be me because my brain wouldn’t process whats happening fast enough so I would be stranded. This basically happened to me last night. I almost crashed my car last night when I saw 3 raccoons hanging in a security booth. The fact that the security guard was in there working while these hooligans are on the loose.

Seeing animals where they don’t belong might be one of the most interesting things to me. You see an exotic animal in the zoo you are intrigued but if you see a honey badger stealing your syrup from your fridge it’s a game changer. That went off the rails but my brain goes where it wants.