Michigan State's Panasiuk Brothers Talk Polish On The Field As Secret Weapon


M Live-Brothers Mike and Jacub Panasiuk grew up playing together and are now lining up alongside each other on Michigan State’s defensive line.

Mike is a junior starting defensive tackle and Jacub a sophomore starting defensive end. And, the two have a secret weapon to confuse the opponents.

This is LEGIT.

Panasiuk is such a great last name. Some would say the perfect last name for a Big Ten defender. Combine that with a guy named Jacub not Jacob and you have the perfect Big Ten defender.

“We speak Polish, so we go out there and I’ll say something in Polish and offensive linemen will look at us and be like ‘what the heck did they just say?'” Mike said during coach Mark Dantonio’s weekly radio show Thursday night on the Spartan Sports Network. “It’s a cool kind of secret trick we have up our sleeves. I guess it just gives us an advantage out on the field.”

Polish is one of those languages you hear and just believe every word uttered is out of anger. There are romantic languages and then there are angry languages. Polish, Russian, Ukranian. All angry languages.

Look at this family: