October Is Great For Sports But Bad For Life


This week starts Playoff Baseball and that alone would be enough to keep me occupied. With the playoffs starting tensions in this office will be high, but there will be so many sports to keep flipping to. We have the Mcgregor fight this Saturday, RNR5 Friday, NFL, CFB and then the NBA will be starting up in a couple of weeks. How are you supposed to bet on all of that and have a life?

The answer is you don’t need a life in October, the activities are miserable.

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Who in there right mind, likes going to a haunted house for Halloween. I never understood why any one would pay to get the shit scared out of them? I know KFC has gone over this several times but pumpkin picking and apple picking might be the second and third worse activity in October. When sports and life combine it only goes down hill from there. Girlfriends are notorious for planning activities during every sporting event.

Gambling in October 

The biggest problem is that you never have enough money to bring a date to do something In the fall. Even if you are up in the week you can’t chance spending money that you have to pay the bookie. This is why stay in the house, watch sports and gamble away. Go outside once in awhile for some fresh air but stay away from the corn mazes.

Im a big months guy, every month I have down to a science.