CFP Title, Heisman, And Super Bowl Odds After Week 4/5


College Football Playoff Title Odds:

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Notre Dame 20/1 —> 15/1: With a big victory over Stanford, Notre Dame is looking at a shot to run the table. QB Ian Book completely transforms their offense.

Oklahoma 25/1 —> 20/1: Still undefeated with Kyler Murray and their best defense in years, Oklahoma has a chance to find themselves in the CFP once again. Big game against Texas this week.

Washington 30/1 —> 25/1: Washington would need some help, but as we all know, college football is the land of chaos.


Penn State 40/1 —> 50/1: Is Penn State’s chances dead? No, but they’d need a LOAD of chaos.

Stanford 40/1 —> 100/1: The book was thrown at Stanford and they didn’t handle it well. Their CFP hopes are pretty much dead.

Super Bowl:

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Chiefs 9/1 —> 7/1: After a big MNF victory, the Chiefs are looking to be legit Super Bowl contenders.

Bears 25/1 —> 22/1: The Bears are now in the top 10 for Super Bowl odds. That has a lot to do with their popularity, but still shocking. Vegas seems to be buying Khalil Mack and Mitch(ell) Trubisky.

Ravens 28/1 —-> 18/1: Joe Flacco….elite?!


Eagles 11/1 —> 22/1: That’s a big drop for a last-second loss on the road to an AFC opponent. Looks to be some value here.

Atlanta Falcons 25/1 —-> 40/1: You can’t win a Super Bowl with a defense like that.


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Kyler Murray 8/1 —> +350

Dwayne Haskins 5/1 —> +375

Will Grier +650 —> +550

If anyone is going to dethrone Tua Tagovailoa it’s going to be a QB from a national championship contending team. These 3 QB’s fit that criteria.

NFL MVP Odds: 

Odds have not been updated since last week. Here is a look at them: