Playoff Baseball = Rally Bird

Yesterday we had an incredible game for baseball fans but if you were a fan of any of these teams (Sorry Big Cat) it was terrifying to watch. The atmosphere was absolutely insane and the anticipation of someone making a mistake had to of taken a toll. I took the Cubs to win this game so each inning I was screaming at the t.v. The Cubs couldn’t string together any hits and it looked like it was going to be a disappointing game for Chicago but something had to be done….

RALLY BIRD!!! There is no shtick here folks this bird brings runs. Right when I brought out Rudy and it all started. Anthony Rizzo rips a two out hit and Javy ropes a single to tie the game.

The unfortunate part of this game was that it went to 13 innings. I ended up putting the bird back in its cage because it was squawking at me and it was about 1am. Once I put him away some nobody hits the go-ahead single and I end up losing the bet. Hand up Chicago, that loss may be on me. I was selfish and should of had that bird with me at all times.

I am terrified tonight because I am a Yankees fan, I know my history of betting and it’s not good. I have to take the Yankees tonight and I formally apologize. In my heart I want them to win, they are the better team and I think using your bullpen all game is a dumb move.

The Rally bird will not be needed for tonight because they will never be down. The stadium will be shaking and the A’s won’t know what hit them.