What Would Be The Perfect Rough N' Rowdy Card Involving Strictly College Football Coaches?


You read the headline. The question is simple. I’ve always dreamed of being a WWE booker. Rough N’ Rowdy is WWE-adjace, but real. Here’s my ideal card.

Main Event: Jim Harbaugh vs. Ed Orgeron


This one is easy. There is not better matchup. Imagine Coach O coming to the ring wearing jean shorts like Stone Cold?

Odds: Coach O -200


Holy War: Kyle Whittingham (Utah) vs. Kelani Sitake (BYU)

As we all know, BYU and Utah hate each other. Kyle Whittingham is not a guy I would want to get into a fight with, while Kelani is built like a damn brick house:

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 2.36.01 PM

Odds: Kalani Sitake -250

CROOTIN: Tom Herman vs. Urban Meyer

Rumor has it that the entire Zach Smith-Urban Meyer situation wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Tom Herman:

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 2.37.36 PM

Urban Meyer would probably get a heart attack midfight, but hey, it’s Rough N’ Rowdy, you need to take some risks.

Odds: Tom Herman -400

Old School: Jimbo Fisher vs. Herm Edwards

I can see it now. It would be GLORIOUS.

Odds: Herm Edwards -275

Battle Of The New School: PJ Fleck vs. Scott Frost

This one would be fun and FULL of energy. Imagine PJ Fleck coming out with his entire team?!

Odds: Scott Frost -140

Battle Of The Dudes: Steve Addazio vs. Bronco Mendenhall (Virginia)

This guy:

Against a guy named Bronco who likes living in an RV?

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 2.43.42 PM


Odds: Bronco Mendenhall -125

Battle Of The Nerds: Derek Mason (Vandy) vs. Brian Kelly

This one has been brewing for awhile:

After their game in September, Brian Kelly complained about low blocks from Vanderbilt:

Derek Mason responded:

SOURCE-“I don’t really care much about Brian Kelly’s comments about football. When you go back and watch that game from the holding to the post chops by Notre Dame, I thought it was bad football on their part,” Mason said.

“What it comes down to is that the game gets played on the football field. Nowadays, we’re asking defensive players to raise the target, lower the target, hit with their eyes up. All of these things are really a part of football.

With Brian Kelly, Brian Kelly can take his comments and keep it moving. If he’s got something personal with me, he can come see me.”

Odds: Derek Mason -750

Football Guys: Will Muschamp vs. Matt Luke (Ole Miss)

This would be the battle of the guys who look like they used to take your lunch money:


Odds: Matt Luke -125

Battle For Pat: Pat Narduzzi (Pitt) vs. Pat Fitzgerald (Northwestern)

Winner gets to keep the name Pat.

Odds: Fitzgerald -140

Battle Of The Iron: Scott Cochran (Alabama S&C coach) vs. Alex Spanos (Northwestern S&C coach)

This would be SO good:

Odds: Alex Spanos -115

G5 Battle: Sean Elliot (Georgia State) vs. Chad Lunsford (Georgia Southern)

These two schools hate each other. These two coaches are football guys. PERFECT.

Odds: Chad Lunsford -125

What matchups am I missing?! Tweet me (@JackMacCFB) or leave a comment.