Lane Kiffin's Coaching Career Began In A Perfectly Lane Kiffin Way


Often times we wonder how coaches got their start. Some starting cutting up film in a dark room in 1973 and worked their way up, others were geniuses like Sean McVay. What about Joey Freshwater?

David Carr: “Lane was great. He was exactly what you’d expect, he was just a fifth-year guy that didn’t want to give his spot up to a freshman.”

Lane Kiffin did play at Fresno State from 1994-1997 ish. I can’t find any photos or videos of it, but Wikipedia says he was on the team, so he had to be.

“And then I started taking reps from him in practice, and his last day as a Bulldog player was when he came out, we were supposed to be in full pads, and he came out with shorts and a t-shirt on. And Jeff Tedford says ‘Lane, what are you doing?’ And he says ‘well, I figured I could come out here in shorts and a t-shirt because you’re just gonna give all my reps to Dave.’ And he [Tedford] sends him in, ‘get off the field’ so he leaves practice, disappears. I’m like ‘OK Lane quit,’ right?

What a move out of Lane. This move doesn’t surprise me. You don’t wake up one day and just become Joey Freshwater. He’s been a legend for a long time.

“Well, Monte Kiffin is Lane’s dad. Monte’s a coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, defensive coordinator at the time. Monte’s not having this, right. 30 minutes goes by, Lane comes back out without his helmet, shorts and t-shirt, and he is now the wide receiver assistant coach. That’s how his coaching career began.”

Has much changed? Not really. I can only imagine the girls Lane had in his Rolodex in college. Now he is in Boca, still chopping it up with the coeds:


You know what they say….”I keep getting older and they stay the same age.”

P.s. David Carr….talk about a throwback. The second greatest backup QB to win a Super Bowl with the Giants behind, of course, Jared Lorenzen:

New York Giants Manning celebrates with teammates after his game winning touchdown pass in NFL's Super Bowl XLII against New England Patriots in GlendaleJared Lorenzen, Eric Alexander