Thoughts And Prayers To Gamblers Everywhere

Every Sunday I have the same routine that starts with watching the Barstool Sports Advisors show and is followed by putting in all my bets. I then get excited to sit on the couch, eat a lot of carbs and watch commercial free football for seven hours. Then I soon start to realize Vegas keeps finding ways to ruin my life.

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 5.00.45 PM

This is a perfect example because if you see the score in the third quarter, it was 17-0 Dolphins. This is the type of game you watch and start putting in more bets because with them at +6 there is no way they can lose. Welp, they did lose and didn’t cover. Tannehill decided to throw it off his own guys head with two minutes left for a pick six for the Bengals. These types of losses make me want to go to Miami and take a shit on their field because thats pretty much what they did to all of us.

The 1 o’clock slate was a wild ride today. Stupid me didn’t take the Giants with the points and just did the moneyline, so obviously they lost on a 63 yard field goal, thats on me. Mason Crosby missed four field goals that ended up causing the Packers to lose, and the Steelers hitting the over in the last seconds is why high blood pressure is a thing.  You can’t make this shit up and we still have a shit ton more football.

Stay safe out there and hopefully the 4 o’clock games go in your favor. Make yourself some finger foods because you deserve it. Also if the games go south like the earlier ones, you just won’t be able to afford dinner.