Butch Davis Introduces New FIU Turnover Prop: "We Allow Them To Keep Their Scholarships If They Get A Turnover”


Every team has a turnover prop these days. Memphis has the turnover robe. FSU has their Dora The Explorer Turnover Backpack. Oregon State has the turnover chainsaw. UConn has the turnover….just kidding the only UConn does on defense is allowing more points than their women’s basketball team did last season on a per game basis.

What about FIU? Butch Davis was a coach of Miami when it was truly “The U.” Asking Butch if FIU is going to have a turnover prop is a fair question.

Football. Guy.

That’s just the old school way of doing things. No props. Create a turnover, hand the ball to the refs, and go back to the sideline. That’s your job.

Rumor has it that back at UNC Butch Davis’ turnover prop was guaranteeing you an A+ in Afro-American Studies.