Is It Okay To Be The Man Caught Crying After Drew Brees Broke The Passing Record?

Drew Brees just set the passing record. An awesome moment for a guy that has had an underrated career in the NFL that millions have enjoyed watching. Some of those millions have enjoyed it a bit too much:

Sir, this is a Wendy’s restaurant:

I get it, sports are emotional, but pull it together dude. It’s a passing yards record. He didn’t cure cancer. I can barely get behind dudes crying after a championship victory. Again: Get. It. Together.

Now, maybe this guy has some connection to Drew Brees? Maybe he helped out his family once? Also, I know Drew Brees was a huge part in New Orleans returning after Katrina. I guess that makes it a little more acceptable? But if he’s just a random fan….buddy, time to reevaluate your entire life. I know I’m just a dumb intern blogging from my mom’s basement, but it’s time for you to pull yourself up out of the emotional hole you are in and act like a man.