Jim Harbaugh Knows Shea Patterson Is Good Because His 7-Year-Old Daughter Said So

Did 7-year-old Katie go to 4+ years of J-school? No. Is she in the locker room after every game, interviewing the players? No. Does she still know better than everyone else? Well, according to Jim Harbaugh: yes, yes, she does.

You may have forgotten about Michigan a bit after their loss to Notre Dame. In that game, Shea Patterson was 20-30, 227 yards, and 1 interception. How has he been since?! Pretty damn good:

-75/108 (69.44%)

-10 TDs

-2 INTs

-QBR: 174

Now, that’s against the likes of Western Michigan, SMU, Nebraska, Northwestern, and Maryland. Still impressive:

He handled the blitz well against Maryland on Saturday:

Now the schedule starts to get a little tougher for Shea Magic and Michigan:

S&P+ is a college football ratings system derived from the play-by-play and drive data of all 800+ of a season’s FBS college football games (and 140,000+ plays).

-10/13: Wisconsin (S&P+ defense: 55th)

-10/20: @ Michigan State (S&P+ defense: 24th)

-11/3: Penn State (S&P+ defense: 20th)

-11/10: @ Rutgers (S&P+ defense: 86th)

-11/17: Indiana (S&P+ defense: 38th)

-11/24: @ Ohio State (S&P+ defense: 27th)

I, just like Katie Harbaugh, believe in Shea Patterson. We’ll learn if I’m right over the next month and a half. He is the X-factor for Michigan. If he puts up a split similar to 69% completion percentage and 5 TDs for every one interception, Michigan may find themselves in the playoffs.

Tell me he doesn’t remind you a bit of Johnny Football: