UCF HC Josh Heupel Motivated Team By Yelling "Lets Go Bone Here" Before Critical 4th Down Play



-Down: 4th

-Distance: 1-yard

-Position: Own 29-yard-line

-Score: 30-17, Memphis

-Time: 2:51, 3rd quarter.

In a play that completely changed the momentum of the game, UCF went for it and scored a 71-yard TD:

How did UCF decide to take such a chance? If you look at the statistics, this move made sense, but sometimes the stats don’t always cut it.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 9.06.44 AM

If you tell your team “let’s go bone here,” you must absolutely convert on the 4th-down play. Josh Heupel is a 1st-year head coach for UCF. The play worked out, but imagine if it didn’t? He’d always be remembered by his players as the coach that told their offense “let’s go bone here,” before calling an awful 4th-down play that eventually resulted in UCF going down by 3 scores.

That’s an “imagine if” because it didn’t happen. Big Balls Josh Heupel and his UCF Knights came through. That’s why they are the defending national champions and you are not.