Marty Mush Wednesday Gambling Slate

I started to put out my picks last night so keep an eye out for these winners. I’ll keep myself honest and post a weekly record. Lets get into tonights picks.

NBA – 

Bucks -3 @ Hornets

I LOVE this game, make this your biggest bet. Frank Kaminsky is a friend of the program but the Greek Freak is going to take over this game. (Credit to me for not attempting to spell the greek freaks name) These teams matchup pretty well but the Bucks will come out firing.

Pick - Bucks -3

Nets @ Pistons -5.5

Dating back to last year the Pistons were on fire ATS towards the end of the season. Blake Griffin has had time to gain some chemistry with this team, Luke Kennard has a little experience and Andre Drummond needs no introduction. The Nets are a little banged up to start the season and they are just a bad team. With Demarre Carrol being out I think these bigs are going to have a field day.

Pick : Pistons -5.5


Red Sox @ Astros -125

I was wrong yesterday but this series is going seven games. It has that vibe and Charlie Morton terrorized me in the ALCS last year. It is must win game so I am going with the Astros. The only thing scaring me is that Bregman is an absolute moron for putting out that Instagram story out about back to back to back home runs against Evoldi. You saw what Judge did and they didn’t win a game after that.

Pick – Astros -125

NHL – 

Bruins @ Flames -115

This is solely based on an eye test because being in this office I have heard so many things about the Bruins and have watched them a shit ton. Johnny hockey is already putting on a show but its not going to last tonight. Go Bs

Bruins -105