City Of Pullman Declares Emergency Ahead Of Some Pregame Show Coming To Town On Saturday


Of the last 215 College GameDays, A Washington State flag has been flown. Because that four-letter sports network is selfish and always 3 or 4 years late on a trend, they never held their show in Pullman. This weekend in an attempt to be #cool and #modern, the four-letter network is taken their B-show to Washington State. Folks are excited:

So excited that the city of Pullman has declared Saturday a state of emergency:

SOURCE-The City of Pullman has declared an emergency to help deal with the massive crowd expected for this weekend’s historic E*** College Gameday visit to Washington State University. City council approved the emergency declaration on Tuesday night. The vote allows Pullman Transit buses to help move fans around campus on Saturday.

If I was a Cougar fan I think I’d boycott GameDay this weekend. You’ve been in the friend zone for 15 years and now she is crawling back to you for her own benefit? Fuck out of here. That’s why I’ll be watching the only college football pregame show on the internet or TV on Saturday morning:

Plus, I already listened to Mike Leach on ComebackSZN last week:

I will give E*** some credit: if they track down popcorn guy, that would be cool:

P.s. How cool of a story is Washington State this year? Lose your starting QB to a tragedy, multiple assistant coaches, and you start the season 5-1? The power of Mike Leach.