Marty Mush Thursday Gambling Slate

So about yesterday…Fuck all of that. This is must win territory today because I thew up a solid 0-4 but I deserved it. My record this week is now 4-6, still not to bad. I fell into all of the traps, Lets get into the games.

NFL – Broncos @ Cardinals 

This game is absolutely trash but I will be watching so betting it is a necessity. The Broncos @ Cardinals is a pick em and I think Rosen can have a bit of a break out game. Both teams are banged up but Case Keenum has not been good but the Cardinals haven’t been good in any aspect. All the Cardinals need to do is to get David Johnson going to win this game.

Pick – Cardinals 


Heat @ Wizards -5 

The Heat are playing back to back games and it’s the Wizards home opener? This seems to easy like the games yesterday but I have to go with the Wizards. It’s the retirement tour for Dwayne Wade but last night he couldn’t hit anything. John Wall will have himself a game, lock this in.

Pick – Wizards -5

Lakers @ Blazers -3.5 

This is what everyone has been waiting for and my dumb self would you usually take the king. I am woke tonight and seeing the board well. Cj McCollum and Damian Lillard are going to run laps around the Lakers guards. I know Lebron took a dog shit Cavs team to the promise land I don’t believe this team will have it tonight. This is the Lock of the day.

Pick – Blazers -3.5


Red Sox @ Astros -185

Yes, this is an obvious bet. If you take the Sox with confidence you are a crazy person. Verlander is dominant in the playoffs and David Price is dominant at raking the bullpen. Take the free money.

Pick – Astros -185

Today we bounce back and make our way into the green. I am sorry for my performance yesterday but stick with me and bring Mush to the Moon.