5 Cent Plastic Bags Are Causing An Uproar

In Suffolk Count NY there is a new law that all plastic bags are now 5 cents each. I ran out of food last night and took a stroll to the grocery store. All I wanted to do was pick up some pizza rolls, hot pockets and a couple of snacks. The express line wasn’t open so of course I was behind this lady who bought the entire store. The first problem here is if you see some poor shmuck behind you with pizza rolls and Oreos in his hand, let him cut you and get back to his sad life. This little bag is causing mayhem in peoples lives.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 10.46.09 AM

This is where it got ugly. She finally finishes ringing up the groceries and it came out$220.25. This 19 year old kid politely asked ” How many bags will you be using.” She didn’t understand the question and proceeded to pack her bags up and leave. Once this guy said “hey those are 5 cents each.”  The rage in this ladies eyes were incredible and she blew her top off. Screaming at the top of her lungs ”  I am not paying 5 cents for this shit, if a turtle gets caught in one it aint my problem.” That was just one of her wild statements. For the record, I would be very upset if a turtle swam into one of these suckers.

Remember her groceries cost $220.25, the final number would have been$221.10. That extra dollar made her unpack all her bags and carry her groceries in her arms and make trips to the car. She took 5 trips and I am the moron still standing there watching this go down while all the other registers are all open. Moral of the story is to go to self checkout even though a clerk always has to help me at those things.